Evotek Sym simulator 027 is the natural, technical evolution of Evotek Sym 026. Differently from the previous model, the 027 is completely re-designed in forms and driving postures and it has been implemented and improved with different technical solutions, improvements and innovations.

The pilot ergonomics is the one of real 2014 vehicles and it allows even 2,10mt people to lay in the cockpit assuming, only with sliding pedal set, the correct Formula 1 position. The ergonomics Evotek Sym 027 and Club Edition is the same as in a Formula 1 2014: this allows to have a real driving vision in the cockpit.

The structure 027 is designed with different predispositions to develop, during the time, many devices, by now it‘s possible to set up active seatbelts, devices that until today Evotek has installed in professional ranges or in series on exclusive Club Edition model.

The structure is free-standing and assemble the exclusive Motion System (In 3 movement grades: roll, pitch, yaw) and with it Evotek has realized the most lightweight and reactive simulator that is now available on international market.

The shell is composed of 2 parts: the superior one and the inferior one.

The inferior part is the technological area of Evotek Sym, where human/car interface devices stand. With an important act of integration , every device is fixed directly on three structures without auxiliary bracket, with an important weight reduction.

The superior part is the one “visible” by the driver and it represent the “stylistic” element that characterize Evotek simulator.

The body, so designed, allow a rapid and easy maintenance of every mechanic and electronic intern parts and it permit to replace or modify the superior pattern, with reduced time and costs without disconnecting any device or electric cable.


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