Evotek Sym Club Edition is the innovative simulator, completely realised in carbon fibre. The platform (which weight is of only 50 kg) lays itself as a reference point in the interactive simulation’s area, and was born to satisfy our most demanding customers. Addressed to a race-passionate public, the simulator Evotek SYM Club Edition was studied in the design, as well as in the mechanics and electronics, to reflect the qualitative degree of excellence sports cars.


  1. Decomposable Shell entirely realised in Carbon Fibre. With arrangement for Gseat (15 kg).
  2. Motion Module: Evotek F1 Motion System in sand molten aluminium.
  3. Evotek F1 Active Seatbelts System Module.
  4. Hydraulic and Adjustable Steel F1 Pedals (160 mm stroke).
  5. Integrated Steering Group (Max Couple 15 Nm, complete shielding, set up in the inside cockpit).
  6. Steering wheel with active keys and throttles, Club Edition Model.
  7. Carbon Fibre Seat.
  8. Double module vibration transducers (broadband vibration scope).
  9. Logitech 5+1 or Bose (optional) Audio System.
  10. Integrated Cockpit Ventilation System
  11. Electronics Cabinet 1600mm.
  12. Monitor/TV stand with double column and compound structure.
  13. 160° screen with rear projection or direct projection (optional alternative to 12).
  14. )Floating Platform and Oval Frames.
  15. Monitor and Projectors on request.
  16. Colours: Cover with customised Colour and paint. Lower part: Carbon Look or Transparent Mat or customised.
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