Evotek Sym 026 is the first F1 simulator model designed and built entirely by Evotek Engineering.

Since the first presentation in London (November 2011) it has been travelling around the world conceiving a significant success between racing fans, technicians and operators.

Thanks to its highly innovative hardware platform and its software Assetto Corsa, Evotek Sym 026 is now installed at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello and at the “Mito Ferrari” Italian Center of Shanghai Expo Park in China.

Evotek Sym 026 simulators are also inside the museum Eureka at San Sebastian in Spain, the Andretti Indoor Karting & Games and they have been purchased by many other corporate and private clients in Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Colombia, Adzerbaijan, Hungary, Mexico, Turkey and United States.

Evotek Sym 026 simulator and software Assetto Corsa are born and grew up together through continuous interaction between the two companies Kunos Simulazioni and Evotek Engineering.

Evotek Sym 026 has been immediately recognized as one of the most powerful F1 simulators on the international scene, thanks to its unique features: High integration of mechanics and electronics; lightness and responsiveness; new innovative materials; consistency and precision of movements; Italian design and maximum realism with laser scan F1 circuits.

At the end of 2014, after three years of hardware and software development, the new model Evotek Sym 027 has been presented in conjunction with the arrival of the new software platform Assetto Corsa on Steam.

Evotek Sym Club Edition and Evotek Sym 027 are the two models currently in production. They are completely renewed in forms, materials, hardware and software.